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Our Story

Mediators Innovations Pvt.Ltd. developed in 2016, The journey begins from Ecuador, expanded to  5 Countries, 8 States, 100 + Cities and 250+ Brands, with a Great vision, provides digital Marketing growth and HR development support for MSME’s and Start Up.

Mediators India identified that the sales and marketing segments gone through  a drastic changes during digital India's development. The negative side of this changes includes the hardness to identify and implement these changes in every MSME‘s,  entrepreneur are struggling to find solution for this problems.

Mediators India developed an extra intelligent concept for digital branding and marketing requirements.
Which includes Social Media Presence management, Digital Customer Service, Digital Leads Generations, Lead Management Training, and Digital Sales Funnel.



To provide an End to End exclusive solutions in Digital marketing, and digital support in sales, marketing and leads management  services for 100000 MSME’s in India, and more in Abroad.

To provide Intelligent Digital Support,  HR Assessment Development, Marketing and Training support For more than 100000 MSME’s Around the planet

Our Clients

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